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Job Description

Position:         Project Officer
Reporting to: Project Manager
Location:        Rhinocamp/Imvepi Settlement Arua
Duration:        23 Months

Purpose of the Job

The Project Officer shall be responsible for assisting in the promotion of appropriate skills, product promotion and innovation for improving livelihoods of the targeted individuals and communities. The officer will support the development and implementations of Kulika Uganda strategies and activities within the project area. He/ she will define project objectives and oversee quality control of the project.

Key Functions/Responsibilities

  • Develop work plan in coordination with the Project Manager
  • Coordinate the calendar of the KOICA CCBs with the innovation center staff under the supervision of the Project
  • Work with the innovation center staff to program the refining weeks and additional
  • Along with the Project Manager, ensure that these are in accordance with the KOICA work plan as written by Heewon
  • Coordinate the mobilization of refugee participants for each CCB with YSAT
  • Coordinate the mobilization of host community participants for each
  • In coordination with the Project Manager and relevant staff, ensure a plan for the logistics support for the CCBs, transportation of materials, food and water are in place and are completed ahead of each
  • In coordination with the Project Manager, The innovation center staff and YSAT and D-Lab ensure that communication through the portals is planned and implemented.
  • Under the supervision of the Project Manager, ensure that the protocols for use of the Samsung devices are completed and followed strictly.
  • Plan the calendar of the CCB-Bs with the Project Manager and D-Lab
  • Ensure that all the required on-the-ground support is provided for the Beyond CCBs through the Project Manager.
  • Along with the innovation center staff and YSAT, help select the participants to attend the Beyond
  • Do any necessary tasks as requested by the Program Manager to support the organization of the TOT.
  • Provide any necessary information for the appropriate sector meeting on the project as requested by the Program Manager.
  • Document and organize the results (technologies) of each CCB and Beyond CCBs, guarantee that the information is channeled to D-Lab quarterly to send to
  • Complete written monthly updates to Kulika
  • Written report to Kulika every 6 months
  • Coordinate with Kulika evaluation staff that the pre and post surveys happen for each CCB and are collected and analyzed and sent on to D-Lab
  • Through the Project Manager, provide D-Lab with information on the project as
  • Coordinate with the Project Officer from YSAT on the portal use of the youth groups when it is planned in the innovation
  • Under supervision of the Project Manager, coordinate with the Project Officers in Twende and YSAT if and when is needed for the
  • Support the Project Manager do any on the ground preparation for the visits from D-Lab

Job Specifications

  • Bachelors degree in Business administration,Micro – finance, Enterprenuership or any other related course
  • 3+ years work experience in project implementation and management within the NGO sector or a similar sector
  • Experience in working with refugee and host communities
  • Experience of project development and delivery within short timescales
  • Willingness to work in rural areas

Applicants   should   submit   application   letter   and   detailed   Curriculum   Vitae   to before 31st December 2023 at 5pm.