The 10 Best Paying Technology Jobs You Should Apply for This 2022

There’s no denying that technology has continued to flourish and play an integral role in our daily lives. In fact, it’s through technology that a lot of innovations, breakthroughs, and transformations are visibly possible not only in the business sector but also in society as a whole. Hence, a lot of job seekers—whether entry-level applicants or experienced professionals—embark on a career in this field and hope to land the best paying technology jobs.

Professionals seek jobs in the technology industry for great job security, work-life balance, workplace flexibility, industry growth, and an inclusive and positive culture. Aside from these, working in this field can help you keep up with industry trends and acquire skills as it provides you with constant learning. Moreover, making investments in the industry is vital to maintaining your competitive edge and staying relevant.

In this article, we’ll share with you the 10 best paying technology jobs you can apply for, along with each position’s average salary. Plus, we’ll give you an idea of where to find such job openings, effective job search tips, and best practices for technology professionals.

Career Outlook for Technology Jobs

Is technology a good career path? If the report of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics is any indication, all signs point to the positive. According to BLS, the employment demand in computer and information technology (IT) is expected to increase by 13% from 2020 to 2030, adding approximately 667,600 new jobs. This is faster than the average for all occupations. Furthermore, the need for these positions will zero in on cloud computing, big data collection and storage, and information security.

In addition to the report, the median annual wage for computer and IT occupations was $97,430 in May 2021, which was higher than the median annual wage for all jobs of $45,760.

The 10 Best Paying Technology Jobs

Are you ready to be part of this sector? Below are the 10 best paying technology jobs you can apply for that can serve as your stepping stone toward your career goals. Read on.

Application Architects

Application architects oversee the design and development of software applications. These IT experts work with internal stakeholders and application development teams on application design, execute and manage application development stages, and handle the documentation of application development processes.

Average salary: $126,981 per year

Educational requirements: Bachelor’s degree in computer science with a specialization in software engineering, application development, or related fields.

A Database Architect Showing How The Best Paying Technology Jobs Work

Database Architects

Database architects demonstrate their skills in conceptualizing strategies for enterprise database systems and establishing standards for operations, programming, and security. They take charge of planning and installing upgrades of database management system software to streamline database performance, as well as recommending hardware or software technologies to attain desired database performance.

Average salary: $106,919 per year

Educational requirements: Bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science, or computer engineering, with focus on database management.

Big Data Engineers

Big data engineers are one of the best paying technology jobs in the field. They are in charge of developing, testing, and maintaining big data solutions. They collect large chunks of data from different sources and ensure that users can access the data immediately and hassle-free.

Average salary: $104,647 per year

Educational requirements: Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering or computer science.

DevOps Engineers

With a combination of an understanding of both engineering and coding principles, DevOps engineers oversee the code releases in collaboration with developers and IT staff. These engineers implement customer-requested integrations, provide level 2 technical support, and develop tools to reduce error occurrences and improve customer experience.

Average salary: $104,387 per year

Educational requirements: Bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, or relevant field.

Software Engineers

Software engineers design and create multiple computer systems and applications to solve problems using scientific, mathematical, and engineering principles. Additionally, they develop and direct software system validation and testing methods, assess and test new and existing software programs, as well as optimize software for speed and scalability.

Average salary: $97,386 per year

Educational requirements: Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, computer engineering, or related discipline.

Data Scientists

Data scientists are primarily responsible for creating data-driven solutions geared toward an organization’s needs. They formulate models to resolve business problems, develop machine learning algorithms, and evaluate the effectiveness and accuracy of new data sources and data collection techniques.

Average salary: $99,220 per year

Educational requirements: Bachelor’s degree in data science or other computer-related fields. Completing a master’s or doctorate degree is a plus.

IT Project Manager

IT project managers’ primary responsibilities include spearheading all aspects of any project in a company’s IT department, such as managing employees to ensure timely completion of projects within their specified budgets. They also handle and maintain project timeframes, budgeting estimates, and status reports; develop and review the costs and advantages of new projects; and present project financing to top executives and stakeholders.

An It Manager Holding A Laptop While Standing

Average salary: $90,876 per year

Educational requirements: Bachelor’s degree in computer and information technology, or related field. Other organizations require a graduate degree.

Full Stack Developers

Armed with strong organizational and project management skills, full stack developers are responsible for developing front-end website architecture and back-end website applications, designing user interactions on web pages, and creating servers and databases for functionality. These computer programmers work collaboratively with graphic designers for web design features, as well as with development teams and product managers to create and implement software solutions.

Average salary: $89,942 per year

Educational requirements: Bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Software Quality Assurance Engineers

Included in our list of the best paying technology jobs are software quality assurance engineers. They take charge of every phase of the development process to guarantee compliance of the design and software with company standards. Moreover, they design and execute systems to determine and resolve issues, conduct risk analysis, and optimize overall testing processes.

Average salary: $87,267 per year

Educational requirements: Bachelor’s or master’s degree in software design, software engineering, computer science, or any relevant field.

Information Security Analysts

These IT professionals plan and implement security measures to protect an organization’s computer networks and systems from cyberattacks. They conduct research on the latest IT security trends, establish security standards and best practices for the organization, and investigate security breaches and other cybersecurity incidents.

Average salary: $82,075 per year

Educational requirements: Bachelor’s degree in a computer science field.

Where to Find the Best Paying Technology Jobs

Now that you have an idea about the best paying technology jobs, below are some of the resources where you can find such job opportunities.

Woman Searching For Best Paying Technology Jobs

Online Job Portals

Along with the advancement of technology is the evolution of online job portals. Therefore, all job seekers can look and apply for jobs in an instant—anytime and anywhere. Plus, there are a number of job search engines that are particularly developed for a certain industry, including the technology field.

Social Media Groups

Make your social media accounts more productive by joining different groups that are in line with your profession. Aside from sharing your industry knowledge and gaining new learning from like-minded individuals, you will also get immediate notifications about such job opportunities. That said; it’s crucial to keep your online presence professional.

Technology Websites

Some of the best paying technology jobs are also posted in different tech websites. Furthermore, many big tech companies including Apple and Microsoft are regularly providing job updates and posting job openings on their websites. Hence, make sure to maximize your time surfing the internet by browsing such websites.

Professional Networking

Establishing productive relationships and connections not only with your colleagues but also with your clients and other individuals within the same field can help you find more opportunities, including the best paying technology jobs. Moreover, you can use different professional networking sites to help you grow your connection and strengthen your network.

Tech Events and Conferences

Maintain active involvement in different technology-related events, forums, and conferences and get first-hand information about the latest trends, researches, innovations, and career opportunities related to technology.

Job Search Tips and Best Practices for Technology Professionals

Aside from the resources mentioned above, we’ll also share with you some tips and best practices you should apply to as you embark on a career in one of the best paying technology jobs.

Get and complete an internship.

In addition to the knowledge and skills you obtained from school, taking an internship is one of the most effective ways to gain hands-on experience and hone your skill sets. Doing so can help you prepare for your professional journey as you take on the corporate role. Likewise, this experience adds value to your application in the future.

Earn industry-related certifications.

Apart from education and experience, certifications can also boost your job application, especially if they’re relevant to the position you’re aiming for. Take note that the IT industry has a lot of certification opportunities which can impress employers. It gives you a competitive edge when you’re equipped with advanced knowledge and skills.

Create a job-winning resume.

To get started with your job search, the first tool you should prepare is your resume. Highlight your skills, credentials, and experience and mention how you can contribute to their organization. Make sure that it’s specifically tailored to the job position you’re applying for by including industry-specific keywords. Doing so can increase the chances of beating the applicant tracking systems (ATS) and grabbing the hiring managers’ attention.

To learn more about what an IT resume should look like, you may review our IT resume examples crafted by our professional resume writers.

Prepare for job interview.

Once you’ve received interview invites, be sure that you’re prepared enough to answer even the most common interview questions. These include the never-ending statements:

Furthermore, don’t forget to research the company, the post you’re applying for, and the industry trends. Subsequently, these will help you ace your job interview.

Land the Best Paying Technology Jobs with the Help of Experts

As mentioned above, employment in the technology sector is projected to grow for the next few years. This means that you have the chance to grab this opportunity to apply for and land one of the best paying technology jobs. All you have to do is equip yourself with experience, skills, and expertise that you can showcase on your resume.
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