Show off Your Best Face: A Guide on the Best Job Interview Makeup

There are only a few days before the interview, you’ve chosen a great outfit, polished your go-to pair of black pumps, and put some impressive copies of your resume copies into your bag. Still, there’s one thing that many people forget about until the morning of the big day—job interview makeup.

Making sure that you’re ready for the interview is important. Doing so helps you impress hiring managers, increasing your chances of landing your target post. Hence, it’s crucial to prepare everything in advance—from the documents needed to what you’ll wear and even your makeup. If you don’t have any idea about job interview makeup, here’s an article for you! Read on.

The Importance of Makeup in a Job Interview

First impressions matter a lot, especially in a job interview. Job interview makeup is just as important as your outfit. It needs to be presentable and should match what you’re wearing. Furthermore, your makeup and the way you dress should be aligned with the field you’re applying for.

For example, if you’re pursuing a career in the creative industry, wearing red lipstick may be acceptable. However, you need to be professional looking when you’re interviewing for a job in the corporate. In that instance, it’s best to wear neutral color palette.

Different Sets Of Colors For Job Interview Makeup

What Makeup to Wear to a Job Interview

In order to ensure that you’re making the right impression, you should dress professionally and apply makeup that conveys professionalism and confidence. Here’s a step-by-step guide to looking your best and the kinds of job interview makeup products you should use.

1. Prepare your skin.

It’s essential to prep your skin before applying makeup. Make sure to complete your skin care routine before putting on skin products. Cleanse and moisturize your face. Once you’ve done that, you can apply a primer. This is great for creating an even base for your makeup.

2. Use a natural foundation.

The second step is to use foundation to even out your skin tone. Make sure the color blends seamlessly with your skin. You can choose any formula type—liquid, powder, or tinted moisturizer—that matches your skin type and the level of coverage you require.

If you don’t typically wear foundation, it’s fine not to use one on the day of the interview. Instead, you can try applying tinted moisturizer that’ll still feel familiar to you while providing light coverage.

3. Apply concealer.

Blend concealer that tones with your skin color underneath each eye in the shape of an upside-down triangle, and dab it on thoroughly. Then, use a powder to set it in place. This will brighten your eyes and make them appear more awake.

4. Keep an eye on your brows.

Great brows can add balance and structure to your face. Before you apply brow color, groom and trim them for a neat look. To highlight your eyebrow arch, use brow gel or powder that’s close to your natural color. To perfect your entire job interview makeup look, make your brow ridge more defined, giving you a confident appearance.

5. Use natural tones for your eye shadow.

For eye makeup, it’s best to use neutral colors. It should look simple and professional. If you decide to wear eye shadow to an interview, go with natural shades. Earth tones are a safe bet and easy to apply. Use a lighter, luminescent shade (that’s close to your skin tone) on your eyelids, then give the outer corners of your eyes some depth with a medium shade.

Make your eye color and shape stand out by applying shades that complement the tone of your eyes. Unless you’re applying for a job in the creative industries, such as show business, avoid using flashy eye shadow.

6. Avoid fake eyelashes and heavy mascara.

False eyelashes are too dramatic for a job interview. Not to mention, the lash glue can irritate your eyes. Curl your lashes instead, then use a clear or black waterproof mascara. You can also add eyeliner to make you look more focused in an interview while maintaining a natural and polished look

7. Apply a natural blush.

To add life to your appearance, lightly blush the apples of your cheekbones. Pick a color that goes well with the rest of your outfit.

8. Use a neutral lipstick shade.

The lipstick shades that match your natural lip color are the best for interviews. Rose, brown, coral, or neutral tones are good options to finish your job interview makeup.

Don’t use a lip color that’s too dark or bright. It may appear too edgy and distracting. Hence, take it easy on the big, red lips during the interview and choose your lipstick color carefully.

9. Use a setting spray.

Use setting spray to complete your look. It can keep your makeup in place all day, even if you touch your face carelessly during an interview, which is a common nervous habit. No matter how long the interview lasts, knowing that your makeup looks good can help you stay focused and confident.

A Woman Preparing A Good Job Interview Makeup To Impress Interviewer

Tips to Perfect Your Job Interview Makeup

Wearing the appropriate job interview makeup lets you leave a good impression. This is because it helps you to look professional, confident, and presentable. To help you further on how to put your best appearance forward, here are some simple tips.

The Dos

1. Consider the atmosphere of the company.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to job interviews. For each new potential job, adjust your cover letter and resume. The same way with job interview makeup and attire, you may also consider switching up your interview look to suit the atmosphere of the workplace.

2. Moisturize your face.

The surest bet for your professional makeup look is healthy skin. Make extra sure you get enough sleep and moisturize your skin two or three days prior to your interview. Your skin could peel because of dry skin, ruining your interview makeup. Apply hyaluronic acid or moisturizer to maintain hydrated, healthy, glowing skin.

3. Keep things natural.

Though makeup is a great way to express yourself, it’s best to keep it subtle and decent. This is applicable regardless of the type of interview you’re going to. Keep your makeup as light as possible if you want your natural beauty to stand out. You may use neutral-colored makeup products.

Finding the right balance between glowing, “I woke up like this” skin and bushy brows is necessary to achieving the natural look. Remember, “less is more” when it comes to workplace beauty.

4. Keep hair clean and out of your face.

Should you wear your hair up or down for an interview? For job interview hairstyles, an updo, ponytail, or clip-back is advised.

Most people fiddle with their hair when they’re nervous. You might not think much of this habit, but for the interviewer, it can be distracting. Thus, keep your hair swept away from your face during an interview to avoid unnecessary gestures, such as playing with your strands.

5. Bring touch-up products.

You should bring a small makeup kit in case you need a retouch. Bring along tissues or cotton rounds to wipe up makeup smudges. Also, pack a mirror so it’s easy for you to check your makeup before going into the interview.

6. Find the right lighting.

Before the big day, it’s better to try a cheek color that looks more vibrant if you’re attending an online job interview. This is so you won’t look pale on the camera. Hence, find the right lighting that complements your existing makeup for the job interview to make you look better. Natural lighting is preferred, but studio lights or ring lights are also nice.

The Don’ts

1. Don’t wear heavy perfume.

It’s not wise to wear too much perfume because you never know how strong your scent will be.

2. Don’t test out new makeup products on your interview day.

Wearing job interview makeup is all about feeling confident in your appearance. Nevertheless, avoid trying out new makeup techniques for the first time. Doing what you do best is an excellent strategy for your job interview makeup.

A Professional Woman Smiling With Beautiful Makeup

Ace Your Job Search with Our Expert Career Tips

The best makeup looks are those that make you appear calm, confident, and professional. However, no matter how great your outfit or how flawless your job interview makeup is, it’s not enough. You still need to highlight your personality, your passion, and, of course, your qualifications to get the job.

Yes, ensure that you look professional in your next interview, but make sure that you’re also ready to answer tough interview questions. Nail your dream job by preparing for what’s ahead—elevating your career! Let our expert career coaches help you with your job search journey. Check out surefire resume writing and career tips today!

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