Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview: Your Handy Job Search Cheat Sheet

Picture a scenario: You’re face to face with your potential employer, target job within reach. After conducting the interview, they turn to you with one final question, “Do you have any questions for me?” Most applicants end interviews dead on after hearing the question. And due to lack of interview preparation, they never hear from the company again.

Job interviews are a two-way street. So, here’s a pro tip: Ask something. Rather than giving a cursory response, take time to craft thoughtful, informed questions that demonstrate your genuine interest and show you’ve done your research before coming in for the interview.

But your questions are also the deciding factors whether you’re a good fit for the role. Given these, think of smart questions to ask at the end of an interview. The right questions may be what lands you the job and kick-starts a successful career.

Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview

Whereas there are several good questions to ask at the end of an interview, here are some that you can take note of to ask during your own job interview.

Questions Relating to the Company

1. “What are the biggest challenges the company is facing right now?”

Why this works: Asking about challenges can give you insights about current trends and concerns in the industry that affect the company. Doing so, you can better identify areas where your skills could be put to good use.

2. “How would you assess the company on embodying its core values? What’s the one thing you’re working to improve on?”

Why this works: No company is perfect; every business has its own share of strengths and weaknesses. These questions to ask at the end of an interview is a respectful way to ask about shortcomings within the company, something you should definitely be aware of before joining.

3. “How do you see this company growing over the next five years?”

Why this works: Asking this question at the end of the interview tells the interviewer that you’re interested in the future of the company. What’s more, it gives the impression that you are interested to see whether you could grow with them.

4. “Who do you consider your top competitor, and why?”

Why this works: Asking this sheds light on the company’s awareness of the competition. And with the interviewer’s response, take note of details that you couldn’t have found on your preparation for the interview.

5. “What professional development opportunities are available within the company?”

Why this works: As recent graduates, you’re eyeing for entry-level jobs. Your interviewer knows this, too, so make sure that you ask this question at the end of the interview. Consider this one of the most critical questions that would tell you if the company will invest in your learning and growth.

A Job Applicant Asking Questions During The Interview
Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview: Your Handy Job Search Cheat Sheet 1

Questions Related to Your Potential Role

6. “Could you give me a rundown of the daily responsibilities of this role?”

Why this works: The difference between the job descriptions stated in the postings and the answer to this question involves the more inner workings of the role. The interviewer can then give you a more detailed answer that reflects the real priorities, so you can determine the areas you can excel in.

7. “Can you give me an example of how I would collaborate with my supervisor/manager?”

Why this works: This situational question should give you an idea how managers in the company work with their subordinates. From here, you can have an idea how to help the company succeed.

8. “What challenges might I face in this position?”

Why this works: This helps you prepare solutions for the potential challenges you might encounter along the way. Bonus points also if you’ve encountered similar problems before, and that you handled them successfully

9. “What does the ideal candidate for this role look like?”

Why this works: Don’t assume you’ll get the job. Instead, ask this question at the end of the interview to objectively see your skills and background align with what the company is looking for.

10. “What have past employees done to succeed in this position?”

Why this works: The main point of this question is not to compare yourself and establish a yardstick between you and the previous staff. Instead, ask this to get your interviewer to reveal how the company measures success.

A Female Job Seeker Asking Questions To A Panel Of Interviewers
Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview: Your Handy Job Search Cheat Sheet 2

Questions About the Company Culture

11. “How would you describe the company’s culture?”

Why this works: Asking this question at the end of the interview shows the interviewer that you care about finding the right cultural fit in your next position. Does the company prioritize the satisfaction and overall well-being of their employees?

12. “What is your favorite thing about working for this company?”

Why this works: This question flips the table on your interviewer. This time, it’s their turn to share their personal experience, which will provide you with additional insight into the company’s culture. More importantly, you build a sense of rapport with the interviewer.

13. “How do you think the company defines and demonstrates its values?”

Why this works: Asking this question at the end of the interview gives the interviewer the impression that you’ve done your homework — and you’re interested to know if the company’s values align with your own.

14. “What do you think encourages employees to stay at this company?”

Why this works: A question used to gauge a broader sense of the company’s culture, this will also allow you to determine how employees see the company. This, in turn, helps knowing how you’ll fit in.

15. “When your staff comes to you with conflicts, how do you respond?”

Why this works: Again, all companies have their share of weaknesses, and these include conflicts among its employees. Thus, asking this question at the end of the interview sheds insight on how a company deals with conflicts, both discreetly and professionally.

An Applicant Writing Down Important Questions To Ask At The End Of An Interview
Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview: Your Handy Job Search Cheat Sheet 3

Other Creative Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview

16. “Can you tell me about the last time you onboarded someone into the company and how you set them up for success?”

Why this works: Asking this question at the end of the interview should give you an idea how new hires are onboarded at the company. You gain a glimpse into how their processes work and how they operate every day. This will help you make your decision whether or not to ultimately join the company and contribute to its success.

17. “In my role, what would make the difference between doing my job well and doing it exceptionally?”

Why this works: This creative question the interviewer how much interested you are in joining the company. It also helps you see whether the interviewer knows the nuts and bolts your job requires.

18. “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

Why this works: This is a standout question to ask at the of the interview, because for the most part, it’s the applicants who answer this 5-year goal-setting question. Hence, asking this to your interviewer will make you see how the company figures in their personal plans. Whatever the answer is should validate your eventual decision.

19. “Do you need me to clarify or elaborate on anything I said or that you read on my resume?”

Why this works: You might need to go into greater detail on any answers you may have given, or any information indicated in your resume. This question to invite clarification is something that wouldn’t go unnoticed.

20. “Can you walk me through the next steps in the hiring process?”

Why this works: As you managed to maintain professionalism throughout the interview, inquiring about the next steps after the abovementioned questions to ask at the end of an interview is a polite way to wrap things up while still keeping the focus on the role.

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