How to Reschedule a Job Interview Professionally (Plus Email Examples)

Challenges make life interesting. But what if life challenged you on your most-awaited day, like a job interview? Knowing that you might lose the opportunity you worked so hard for, can you still face it enthusiastically and call it interesting? Yes, you still can!

Knowing how reschedule a job interview is important in the job hiring process, since unforeseen occurrences happen all the time. It might not be an ideal thing to do, but it certainly happens because of instances in life that we cannot control. Rest easy. As long as you take immediate and appropriate actions, you can auspiciously secure a second chance on your job interview.

Job searching can be very exhausting. From creating resumes to hunting for job openings, it would take a lot of patience and effort before securing a job interview. So even when an unexpected conflict arises, the eagerness to hold on to the opportunity remains. Keep that enthusiasm and continue reading as we’ll provide easy steps on how to reschedule your job interview successfully along with the common acceptable reasons for rescheduling an interview.

Reasons for Rescheduling Job Interview

Take note that even though rescheduling an interview is possible, not all excuses are acceptable. You cannot reschedule a job interview just because you are not in the mood that day. In order to convince the interviewer, your reason should be plausible enough. Here are some common conflicts applicants encounter that are valid for rescheduling an interview.

Health Issues

Being sick a few days before your scheduled interview is beyond your control, which makes it justifiable. Hiring managers would even appreciate your decision to reschedule your interview rather than putting them at risk of catching your disease. Safety is a top priority, especially since the pandemic started. They wouldn’t jeopardize the health of the employees you might encounter, so they would gladly set another date for your interview after you recover.

Family Matters / Personal Emergency

Recruiters also have their personal lives. They can relate to unavoidable circumstances involving family members, so they would understand if you have to reschedule for that reason. Family emergencies include the passing of loved ones and caring for an injured family member. If the situation is too personal for you to share with the recruiter, you can at least give a general idea without giving too much information.

A Candidate For Job Interview Having Trouble Due To Car Problem

Problems with Transportation (e.g., Car Trouble)

What could be more frustrating than experiencing car troubles on the way to your job interview? When this happens, call your interviewer as soon as possible. It is better to explain the situation to the hiring manager while figuring out how to get to the interview using another mode of transportation rather than appearing late without any heads-up. Showing up late without prior notice is unprofessional and there’s a great chance that they will not entertain you.

Work Schedule

If you are currently working while job hunting, and the schedule suddenly clashed with your job interview, I highly recommend rescheduling the interview. This would give an impression that you respect and value your current job and that you would do the same if they hire you. We can also consider this as a safe move, since attending a job interview does not guarantee being hired.

How to Reschedule a Job Interview

When you ascertain the need to reschedule your interview, remember to keep your composure and handle it professionally. Do not panic and follow these easy steps:

1. Make that phone call!

Contact the hiring manager as soon as you know you would not be able to make the original interview date. The earlier, the better! Notifying the interviewer at the last minute would only lower your chances of getting another appointment—and that is the last thing that you would want to do.

Calling the interviewer is your best option, as you can directly express your sincerity. Say that you would like to reschedule your interview so that you don’t take up too much of the manager’s time. This would make you appear considerate, which is a positive attribute that they might be looking for. If you cannot speak to the interviewer on the phone due to unavailability, sending an email works just as fine.

2. State your valid reason.

Briefly explain the situation to the hiring manager. You don’t have to go through every detail of the conflict; instead, make it concise and straight to the point. Just ensure to relay your honesty and sincerity. Interviewers are humans, too. They would understand, and they can sympathize with circumstances that are out of your control. Avoid making up stuff and exaggerating the situation. It would sound less believable.

A Woman Apologizing On Phone Know How To Reschedule A Job Interview

3. Offer an apology.

You should be aware that rescheduling an interview can cause inconvenience to the hiring manager. Apologize sincerely and be as polite as possible. Remember that you are apologizing for the inconvenience that you might have caused and not for the reason that you are rescheduling.

4. Suggest alternative dates.

Check your calendar for available dates that would indeed work for you. Prepare 2-3 alternate dates so the interviewer would have more options since they surely have other scheduled interviews that need to be considered. Preparing would also make it evident that you are still enthusiastic about getting the job.

Also, be flexible. You should instantly agree to the proposed date the interviewer is arranging for the rescheduled interview. Rescheduling the interview once is understandable, but doing it twice would not work in your favor.

5. Express your gratitude.

Thank the hiring manager for the opportunity, even though you cannot make it to the original schedule. Being grateful can never go wrong. This might even increase your chances of being given another opportunity. Remember that behavior and character are also being assessed. You might want to show the interviewer that aside from skills, you also possess good conduct, which is important in building teamwork and maintain good work environment.

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How to Reschedule a Job Interview: Sample Email Templates

If the intended schedule for your job interview is still days or weeks ahead and you prefer to write an email rather than making a phone call, these templates can be your guide.

Email Example #1

Dear (Name of the Interviewer),

I have been looking forward to the interview for (the job position) we arranged on (date and time). Unfortunately, (explain the reason for rescheduling briefly). As a result, I was hoping we could reschedule the interview for a later date. I am available (suggest 2-3 new dates and times). Let me know if any of that works for you or if you prefer another date. Please accept my sincerest apology for any inconvenience.

Thank you for being understanding in this matter.

(Your Name)

Email Example #2

Dear Mrs. Crawford,

I have been looking forward to the interview for the graphic designer position we arranged on January 21 at 2PM. Unfortunately, I will be flying to Raleigh, North Carolina, on that date due to an unexpected family emergency. As a result, I was hoping we could reschedule the interview for a later date. I will be back on January 30 and available anytime during that week. Let me know if that works for you or if you prefer another date. Please accept my sincerest apology for any inconvenience.

Thank you for being understanding in this matter.

Jessy Guzman

Email Example #3

Dear (Name of the Interviewer),

Thank you for the inviting me to an interview for (the job position) in your company. My apologies for asking to reschedule what we had arranged on (date and time) but (reason for rescheduling).

I am deeply sorry to throw a wrench into your schedule, but I am still enthusiastic about this opportunity and I am hoping to hear from you soon.

Thank you so much for understanding.

All the best,
(Your Name)

Email Example #4

Dear Mrs. Smith,

Thank you for inviting me to an interview for the product manager position in your company. My apologies for asking to reschedule what we had arranged on May 12 at 9AM, but I had to attend an International Management Conference that was scheduled on that exact date.

I am deeply sorry for such unforeseen occurrence that might affect your schedule, but I am still enthusiastic about this opportunity and I am hoping to hear from you soon.

Thank you so much for understanding.

All the best,
Marcia Brown

A Career Expert Talking To A New Professional For Career Advice

Be Guided on Your Job Interview with Tips from Our Career Experts

Rounding up what we’ve so far discussed: When you ask to reschedule a job interview, act immediately and reach out to hiring managers as soon as possible. Be concise and keep the conversation short. Express your sincerity and be completely honest in explaining the reason for rescheduling. Apologize for any inconvenience and don’t forget to thank the interviewer for the opportunity you received. Finally, be confident in speaking and be enthusiastic about approaching the interviewer, even if you feel anxious about it. That way, you would project an optimistic aura that can be your edge to reschedule your job interview successfully.

One of the stages of your preparation is to know how to respond to an interview request, which means a potential employer wants to get to know you more. Once you’ve learned how to reschedule an interview, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and prepare for the next schedule. One way of doing is involves familiarizing yourself with the common interview questions.

If you find this article helpful, our career experts have compiled job interview tips to help you leave a great impression. You can check out our blog now to start your preparation. Break a leg!

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