Are Resume Writing Services Worth It? (Truths You Need to Know)

Surely, you’re reading this article because you’re tired of writing your own resume—or you’re not planning to write one for yourself to begin with. During job search, it’s normal for job seekers like you to question if their resume is good enough. Well, it’s just a document about you. But why bother thinking if it looks professionally written? You probably know the answer to this one: Hiring managers are faced with tons of resumes in just a single job post and your resume is your ticket to land interviews.

So, at the end of this article, we’ll help you answer two things. First, is it time to pause and give up on writing your resume? Second, do resume writing services work, and are they worth every penny? Read on and, hopefully, you’ll find reasons to invest in a great resume.

Signs It’s Time to Look for Professional Resume Writers

job seeker feeling frustrated because she can't write her own resume

Let’s tackle the first point we must answer: Is it time to pause and give up writing your own resume? At what point do you resign to the fact that you need professional resume help? Check the list below and spend time assessing yourself.

1. You don’t know where to start.

Clueless at all? Everyone’s been there, and it’s normal. As a professional who’s currently at a career crossroads, your edge against your competitors is your resume itself. How well did you present it? Did you use the right resume format? Did you avoid the resume mistakes that turn off hiring managers? A resume must answer these questions. Don’t have any ideas and plans to write your own? There’s one thing you could do: Hire a resume writer.

2. You’re overwhelmed with millions of resume samples online.

Normally, job seekers search for a file to copy when writing a resume. So, you could’ve searched for “resume templates” online. However, in less than a second, over 129 million results can be found on Google alone. This is quite a lot, right? Imagine—millions of images, PDF, books, videos, articles.

Which one will you even click and stare at? These resume samples are really helpful. However, you wouldn’t know the best and most reliable resume samples you’d see online. Aside from this, you must learn and figure out if the template’s format fits your needs and background. So much to learn, yeah?

3. You don’t have the time.

Not everyone has the luxury of time. Responsibilities, research, writing, editing—resume writing takes a lot of time involving these, since it’s not a one-time thing. A well-written resume needs a couple of revisions to finally make it simply presentable and clear to the recruiter’s eyes. One good thing about hiring a resume writing service is they have a dedicated writer and editor for your resume.

4. You can’t tailor your experiences to your target job.

Career shifter? Chances are you’re having a hard time tailoring your work history to your new target job. Do you know the jargon used in a specific industry? Do you have an idea if you’re qualified for your target job with the experiences you have? Is your skillset enough? Then, the best option is to hire a professional to write for you. Not only would they choose the best skills and experiences fit for the post; they would also present them in a logical, organic way.

5. You have too much info and you want to include them all.

Repetitive details kill the opportunity. Of course, you want to impress the recruiters; so do it properly. Expert resume writers are trained to assess all your details and discern the best ones to include in your resume. After filtering, they present it effectively.

6. You’re spending more time focusing on your interview and less on anything else.

You’re so busy preparing for the interview, yet your resume isn’t updated. Why prepare for something you’re unsure of happening? Secure your resume first! In fact, you can do both at the same time. Hiring a professional resume writer gives you the luxury of time to prepare for the job interview you’ve been hoping to happen. Instead of sitting and writing your resume, you could continue prepping for that crucial job interview.

7. You made your own resume, submitted it, and never got a response.

Your last straw when it’s time to hire a resume writer: You haven’t received any job interview invites. A good resume secures job interviews. That’s the point of having a resume, right? Submitting a poor resume wastes one’s hiring chances. Companies don’t allow resubmission of applications in six months at minimum. So, don’t lose your self-esteem with failed applications. You can open more doors when you hire a resume writer to do the task for you.

With all these said, the question remains: Do resume writing services work?

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Are Resume Writing Services Worth It?

Try to assess yourself. Did you tick all or most of the signs mentioned above? If yes, then let’s help you answer the next questions you have in mind. Are resume writing services worth it? Do resume writing services really work?

Allow us to be straightforward: Yes and no.

First is no. It won’t work if you hired the wrong resume service. There are hundreds of resume writing services online, and searching for the most reliable one is risky. It won’t work if you didn’t have ideas on how to choose the right resume writer for you. Also, it won’t work because you expected that your resume will do the job for your job interview. It won’t. While professionally written resumes help you secure interview invitations, you still need to prepare for job interviews. Here’s a great advice: Read job interview tips while waiting for your resume to get done.

Next is yes. If you hire reliable, expert resume services, then you’ll receive a return on investment. For instance, some job seekers hire executive resume writers. They are best at creating job tools for high-level posts. If you’re planning to hire one later on, here are the things you must check:

  • Great customer service
  • Price
  • Turnaround time
  • Process
  • ATS Resumes
  • Interview guarantee
  • Reviews
  • Great output

Check their websites and social media accounts. If you’re still hesitant, you can ask them to review your resume just to test the waters. At Resume Professional Writers, we do it free of charge!

Is Investing in Resume Professional Writers Worth It?

Are resume writing services worth it? We’ve helped over 1,000,000 customers with their careers. Our annual satisfaction rating is 96%, so we can assure you of our competence to create quality, job-winning resumes. Around 87% of our resume writers have been with us since 2000, and we provide them with training programs that deepen and widen their expertise. Aside from these, our resumes are enticing, optimized with keywords, and ATS friendly. Lastly, we make sure you are satisfied with our services. You may request revisions until you’re pleased with your resume. Check out our resume writing services now!

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