5 Best Advertising Resume Writing Services in 2023

With the rise of digital marketing and the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the advertising sector is continuously expanding, offering abundant opportunities for innovation and growth. So, if you enjoy writing captivating promotional messages and producing eye-catching visuals, there is a job for you.

Nevertheless, to make your mark in the fast-paced world of advertising, your resume must leave a lasting impression on potential employers. Yet, creating an attractive advertising resume that highlights your talents, successes, and unique qualities can be difficult. This is where the best advertising resume writing services can help. These professionals understand the complexities of the advertising industry and know exactly what it takes to develop a perfect resume that will set you apart from the competition.

In this blog, we’ll dive deep into the world of advertising resume writing services. We’ll explore the benefits of hiring advertising resume writers, share tips on choosing the right service, and provide insights into what makes a great advertising resume. Read on.

Rundown of the 5 Best Resume Writing Services for Advertising

As a recognized expert in the area of resume writing and career development, we are well aware of the crucial part skilled writers play in helping job seekers find employment opportunities. As a result, our professional team of career counselors and researchers has collaborated to identify the top advertising resume writing services for your consideration. Check out the carefully curated list of our top picks:

When Should You Use an Advertising Resume Writing Service?

The decision of whether to hire a professional resume writer for the advertising sector depends on a variety of factors and unique situations. Here are several scenarios in which leveraging an advertising resume writing service can prove worthwhile and beneficial:

You are just starting your career in the advertising field.

It can be difficult to create an outstanding resume if you’re a recent graduate or just starting out in advertising. Professional advertising resume writers can make you stand out and highlight your potential.

You’re planning to shift into advertising.

If you’re transitioning from another sector to advertising, your resume may not fully highlight your relevant talents and expertise. Enlisting the help of an advertising resume writer will help you showcase your strengths and transferable skills in this sector.

You’ve applied for several positions with no luck.

If you’ve been applying for advertising jobs without success, it’s time to revamp your resume. A professionally-crafted resume can help you get more interviews.

You lack confidence in your resume.

Whether you’re unsure about your resume writing skills or simply want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your resume is in expert hands, hiring a service is a wise decision.

How to Choose the Best Advertising Resume Writing Services

Advertising is a dynamic sector with distinct demands, and a resume should properly showcase your knowledge and achievements. And to do so, you will require the assistance of the best advertising resume writing services. But how do you know if they’re the finest in their field? 

When looking for a resume writing service exclusive for advertising professionals, it is critical to select a source with a track record of creating resumes for this market. Here are some helpful guide for selecting the best advertising resume writer:

Consider factors like their experience and industry-specific expertise.

Look for a resume writing service that specializes in the advertising industry. They should have writers who understand the nuances of advertising roles, including creative, strategic, and account management positions.

Check their reputation through reviews and testimonials from past clients. 

Read reviews and testimonials from past clients who have used the service for their advertising resumes. Positive feedback and success stories are indicative of a reputable service.

Ensure they offer personalized resumes tailored to the advertising field.

A visually appealing resume design may be advantageous depending on your work in advertising. Check to see if the services provide design options that are suitable with the industry’s creative nature.

Check their pricing structures if they meet your budget.

Compare the pricing structures of various services. Make sure the service’s cost fits into your budget.

Ask about their process.

Ask about the procedure for writing resumes. Learn how they collect your information, how many revisions are provided, and how long it will take to complete. Remember that a successful outcome depends on an open and cooperative process.

Know if they offer service guarantees.

Find out whether the resume writing business has any satisfaction guarantees or refund procedures. It can be reassuring to know that they stand behind their work.

Request and review their resume samples.

Examine the examples of advertising resumes the provider has previously written. You can get a sense of their writing style and their capacity to draw attention to important abilities and accomplishments from this.

The 5 Best Advertising Resume Writing Services

1. Resume Professional Writers

Advertising Resume Writing Services Rpw Homepage
5 Best Advertising Resume Writing Services in 2023 1

With a track record spanning more than two decades, Resume Professional Writers has honed its skills in delivering top-notch job search solutions. Our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction is evident through our consistently impressive 97% annual satisfaction rating, which has translated into a loyal client base and a steady stream of referrals.

What You’ll Get:  RPW offers top-notch services including creating strong resumes, compelling cover letters, improving LinkedIn profiles, and providing various job search writing services in order to achieve this. We also provide job posting services to help you in your employment search.

What They Lack:  We do not work on weekends or holidays, therefore inquiries and issues sent on these days will not be addressed immediately. However, when regular business hours resume, we are committed to handling all tasks and problems with urgency.

Turnaround Time:  Our turnaround times vary depending on which package you choose. Our Basic package will provide your advertising resume in four (4) business days, the Deluxe package in three (3) business days, the Premium package in two (2) business days, and the Ultimate package in just one (1) business day. 

Cost:  Our service packages range from $125 to $485.

Contact: 1 (877) 285-5492

Reviews: 4.3/5 on Facebook; 4.6/5 on Trustpilot; 4.13/5 on Sitejabber; 4.4 on Google Business Profile; 4.8/5 on Best 10 Resume Writers

2. Resume Target

Advertising Resume Writing Services Resume Target Homepage
5 Best Advertising Resume Writing Services in 2023 2

Resume Target is absolutely an exceptional resume writing service for advertising professionals. With over 15 years of expertise, they have continuously assisted job searchers in gaining access to a wide range of work prospects. Their unwavering dedication to excellence, seasoned team of advertising resume writers, and client-centric approach distinguish them in the industry.

What You’ll Get: With Resume Target, your assigned advertising resume writer will do an in-depth 1-on-1 interview with you to review your experience and determine your distinctive selling point in order to develop your personalized resume. Additionally, you will get a free thank-you letter and full access to their career resources to expedite your job search.

What They Lack: You won’t have the option to select your package independently, as the service you’ll receive will be determined based on an evaluation conducted after you complete their questionnaire.

Turnaround Time:  Your new resume will be ready for you three (3) business days following your interview. But if you need a quicker service, you can also avail our rush services for additional cost.

Cost:  Their packages start at $199.95 to $1,049.95

Contact: 1 (866) 471-9754

Reviews:  4.8/5 on Google Business Profile.

3. Resume Prime

Advertising Resume Writing Services Resume Prime Homepage
5 Best Advertising Resume Writing Services in 2023 3

Resume Prime, which ranks third on this list, distinguishes itself as an advertising resume writing service that provides excellent job search solutions at affordable pricing. They stand out for their dedication to guaranteeing the success of your project by matching you with a qualified head writer who is well-versed in your sector.

What You’ll Get:  Aside from offering affordable and ATS-friendly advertising resume writing services, Resume Prime also offers free resume review and unlimited revision of your copy until its completion.

What They Lack:  There is no information available about their writers on their website, and it’s important to note that they do not work on weekends.

Turnaround Time:  You can expect to receive the initial draft of your resume within three (3) business days upon successful payment completion and the submission of the questionnaire and other required documents.

Cost:  The price for their services ranges from $190 to $330.

Contact:  1 (734) 619-1258

Reviews: 5/5 on Sitejabber; 3.6/5 on Trustpilot.

4. Chosen Resumes

Advertising Resume Writing Services Chosen Resumes Hero Section
5 Best Advertising Resume Writing Services in 2023 4

Chosen Resumes is an outstanding firm with a unique background in business and social work. This individual’s commitment to getting to know each client personally sets Chosen Resumes apart from the rest. By forging a genuine connection with clients, they can create resumes that are not just impressive but also deeply reflective of each individual’s strengths, skills, and accomplishments.

What You’ll Get:  You will have an in-depth phone consultation with your dedicated writer, in which they will explore your professional history, achievements, and unique attributes that differentiate you as a candidate. They will then transform this information into a compelling resume that effectively highlights your strengths.

What They Lack:  Their services are the most expensive in the list.

Turnaround Time:  You can expect to receive the draft of your resume within three business days following the phone consultation.

Cost: Their service pricing is tiered based on your professional level, with rates ranging from $400 to $2,000.

Contact: 1 (616) 606-0562

Reviews: 5.5 on Google Business Profile.

5. Brooklyn Resume Studio

Advertising Resume Writing Services Brooklyn Resume Studio Hero Section
5 Best Advertising Resume Writing Services in 2023 5

Brooklyn Resume Studio is a leading resume writing company that specializes in creating not only advertising resumes but also customized and distinct marketing materials. With a strong dedication to excellence, the company excels in producing top-notch advertising resumes and helping individuals smoothly transition in their careers. This dedication to quality has led to collaborations with a wide range of clients from various industries.

What You’ll Get: The company offers initial intake interviews through phone lasting 50-70 minutes. They also commit to crafting a professional portfolio and resume designed to effectively showcase your qualities to potential hiring managers.

What They Lack: Their website does not provide pricing details for their services or a direct phone number for communication. Instead, they only offer a client intake form and an email address for submitting information and inquiries, with an expected response time of 24 hours. 

Turnaround Time: Following the initial intake discussion, the turnaround time for the initial draft normally takes 5-7 business days.

Cost: Not indicated on the website.

Contact: Not available.

Reviews: 4.3/5 on Yelp

RPW Advertising Resume Example

Are you still curious about what the ideal advertising resume should look like? Below, you’ll find an example of a resume crafted by one of our expert advertising resume writers. Take a moment to review it to gain a clear understanding of how your advertising resume should be formatted.

Rpw Advertising Resume Example Page 1
5 Best Advertising Resume Writing Services in 2023 6
Rpw Advertising Resume Example Page 2
5 Best Advertising Resume Writing Services in 2023 7

Ensure Your Job Search Success with the Best Advertising Resume Writing Services

Candidates with great marketing skills are constantly sought after by hiring managers in the advertising sector. So, if you want to secure a job in this field, it’s important that you can properly advertise yourself if you want to impress these picky experts. For this reason, hiring a seasoned resume expert to create an amazing advertising resume is essential for you to stand out.

At Resume Professional Writers, we understand how critical it is to highlight your special skills and abilities. Our team of seasoned writers possesses in-depth knowledge of the advertising field and resume writing techniques. They are fully equipped to revamp your resume to significantly improve your chances of landing your ideal job.
So why wait? Contact us right away, and together we’ll turn your dreams into reality and help you stand out in the competitive world of advertising and marketing.

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