Resume Trends for 2022 to Kick-Start Your New Career


The job market is constantly changing and becoming more competitive each day. With the current pandemic, landing a job has become more difficult than ever. Whether you are applying for a job or changing careers for the first time, you need to stay abreast with the resume trends to outdo your rivals. If you would like to gain an edge over other job seekers today and in the next few years, write a resume that reflects the latest resume writing styles.

Writing a resume could be challenging at times because you have to make sure it showcases your skills and qualifications. Plus, it has to be tailored to your target position. Since the competition is fiercer than before, hiring managers now have higher expectations with the resumes they review since those are job seekers’ tool to market themselves as the most qualified for the post. Want an effective job search tool? Check out the resume trends for this year to get started!

Heed These 2022 Resume Trends

Trends in recruitment and career change over time, and these highly affect how one must prepare for their job hunt. Hence, knowing the resume trends helps you write an effective job search document that could impress hiring managers. As mentioned earlier, your resume is your ticket to focus on what you can bring to the table. That said, read on this year’s resume trends and get ready to revamp your resume.

Industry-Fit Resume

Don’t let those free online resume templates fool you. Generic resume patterns and formats may jeopardize your chances to land the job. To leave a huge impact on potential employers, you need to tailor your resume and cover letter to your target job. Use both a format and layout that complement your selling points and highlight the features of your application.

Resume Format

It’s very common for job seekers to use the chronological resume format because it’s the most widely known. However, you need to consider your qualifications and the job you’re applying for, too. If you’re in the middle of a career change or a fresh graduate, it’s advisable to consider using other formats such as functional or targeted resumes.

Remember, using the right resume format for your current situation helps you gain the interest of hiring managers. Furthermore, translating your resume to skills-based is an advantage in this new decade because most employers value skills more than other things.

Resume Length

Aside from the resume format, length is also being considered by recruiters and hiring managers. If you’re still thinking that “the longer a resume, the better,” then you should think twice because it’s actually the other way around. To date, the standard length is one page.

Don’t worry, however; you don’t need to box yourself in with that. You can still exceed two pages given that you have years of relevant work experience and hundreds of related achievements. The whole point, ultimately, is that hiring managers prefer concise resumes.

ATS-Ready Resume

As usual, employers will seek candidates who they think can succeed in the firm. But since they are too busy to scan every document, recruiters and hiring managers will only pay attention to resumes that will attract them the most. Hence, make sure that your resume can beat the ATS to get into the hands of hiring managers.

Readable Design

One of the most overlooked resume trends yet important to consider when writing a resume is its layout. This is the first thing that the reader notices prior to scanning the entire document. Worse, it becomes the basis of the hiring manager whether to read it further or not.

Don’t pack content in multi-lined paragraphs with little white space in between. Leave some white spaces in your resume to make the text visually pleasing and appealing to the readers’ eyes. Also, avoid using fancy designs and unreadable fonts.

Job Search Engines

In this age of technology, most transactions are done online, including job hunting. Thus, this point is an integral part of the resume trends for 2022. In order for you to land a job easily, you need to widen your network. For this to happen, post your resume or CV on the best job search engines. Some recruiters search for profiles before posting a job so having your tool available on different platforms can help them notice you.

Online Resume Writing Services

Taking this year’s resume trends into account is helpful in landing a job even in this time of pandemic. However, with the global crisis we’re facing, many people are anxious and writing a resume could be an additional challenge. Thus, considering online resume writing services is the most convenient option. This helps you ensure that your resume is tailored for the job you’re eyeing. Not to mention, you don’t need to worry if your tool is in trend.

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Job Seeker Typing Their Resume On The Laptop

Top 10 Resume Tips to Follow for Career Success

Knowing the resume trends for this year can get you a better chance of landing your target if you’re able to apply them on your resume. To boost your way to winning in this job search game, we have listed some practical tips for you to heed to secure a post.

1. Don’t forget to use a professional email and make sure your contact info is correct.

You need to make sure the contact details on your resume are correct because that’s the only way recruiters can reach you if you passed the screening. Also, having a professional email says a lot about you.

2. Use action words in stating your responsibilities from your previous jobs.

You wouldn’t want to risk your application due to a generic word choice in your resume. Instead, choose action words that can best describe and demonstrate how effective you are as an employee.

Moreover, use this technique when talking about your relevant work experiences and listing your notable accomplishments. Action words improve your resume’s impact as recruiters can easily spot your competencies through these words, which also serve as powerful resume keywords.

3. Make use of keywords relevant to your target position.

With the advancement in technology and the rise of resume shortlisting robots, more and more firms are now using computer software to screen applications. Thus, make sure your piece is rich in industry-specific keywords so you can make the cut. You’ll see—these buzzwords will surely make a huge impact on your job search.

4. List work experience that is relevant to the job.

Writing your career highlights is a plus. It’s your golden chance to share how qualified you are for the job. Having an achievement bank and the relevant work experience are important, so whenever you’re writing your resume, list the ones related to the position you’re eyeing. Make sure to write them in the most effective way and not as if you’re bragging. You can use bullet points to list this.

5. Quantify your achievements.

Your resume serves as your elevator pitch for yourself. So this year, aside from talking about the soft and hard skills you possess, don’t forget to also focus on your quantifiable achievements. Use numbers as you talk about your accomplishments. This lets recruiters have a better grasp of how you can deliver the job well and how much you can contribute to the company.

6. Highlight your technical and people skills.

More than your work experience, highlighting soft skills and hard skills is a must. What you can do is more important than when and where you last worked. Thus, put emphasis on the skills that are helpful to do the expected deliverables in your target work. In doing so, hiring managers can easily identify if you’re fit for the job.

7. Keep it simple, yet optimized to pass the ATS.

It’s an advantage if you can optimize your resume. Use the right keywords aligned to your target job. Note that most companies use the applicant tracking system (ATS) to filter the pool of applicants. Hence, it’s important to use action words and phrases that would emphasize your qualifications. With this in mind, sending a generic resume to different employers is a no-no!

8. Keep your tool short and on point.

Regardless of the format, it’s part of resume writing trends to make sure your resume is short, easy to read, and on point. There’s no need to include details that aren’t related to the job or your work experience from 15 years ago. Highlight credentials related to your target job. Focus your job application on the position and the industry you’re applying for.

Having a resume that’s one to two pages long is also recommended. In order to do this, read the job posting carefully and take note of the qualifications and skills required by your potential employer.

9. Link your social accounts and sites.

As you write your resume, consider listing your social media accounts, personal sites, blogs, or even your online portfolios as you deem fit. Just make sure before you link them on your resume that your online profiles can help you win your target job. Besides, hiring managers would refer to these sites to further assess your skills, competencies, and even character.

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10. Don’t send it unless you’re sure it’s error-free.

Proofread! Do it for several times and, if possible, ask someone to proofread your work to be sure that your resume is error-free. Your resume is your key to the door of work opportunities. In addition, it’s your way to market yourself to potential employers, so make sure that there are no grammatical errors and misspelled words.

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Online Job Search Is Part Of Resume Trends This Year

Top 10 Best Companies to Work in 2022

Now that you know the resume trends for 2022, it’s time to take another step to level up your career. Knowing the best companies to work in helps you choose your career path. Thus, after considering the resume trends, it’s time to check the 10 best places in the US to work in this year.

1. ADP
Industry: Human Resource
Locations: Austin, TX, Chandler, AZ, Charlotte, NC, Elk Grove Village, IL, Manchester, NH, New York, NY, Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ, Phoenix, AZ, Pleasanton, CA, and Roseland, NJ

2. Allstate
Industry: Insurance
Headquarters: Northbrook, IL

3. Canva
Industry: Software
Location: Austin, TX

4. IMC Trading
Industry: Fintech | Software
Location: Chicago, IL

5. Moveworks
Industry: Artificial Intelligence
Location: Mountain View, CA

6. Prove (Formerly Payfone)
Industry: Fintech | Mobile | Security | Software
Location: Denver, CO

7. Tableau Software
Industry: Big Data | Software
Location: Seattle, WA

8. Nuance
Industry: Artificial Intelligence | Sales | Security | Software
Location: Burlington, MA

9. Tinder
Industry: Mobile | Social Media
Location: West Hollywood, CA

10. 360Learning
Industry: HR Tech | Software
Location: Fully Remote

Job Applicant In An Interview

Tick the List of Resume Trends with the Help of the Best Resume Writers

Following the resume trends can help you secure a job as long as your tool is effectively written. However, if you don’t have the time to write a winning resume or struggling to write one, there’s no need to worry. You can still start this year with a better career with the help of Resume Professional Writers.

RPW offers the best professional resume writing services that fit your needs to secure a job you’re hoping to have even in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic. There’s no need to hesitate, check out our services and jump-start your career.

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