Records Maintenance Officer at Makerere University Walter Reed Project (MUWRP)

Job Description

Position Number: MUWRP/08/11/2022
Position Title: Records Maintenance Officer (1) Position
Position Location: Mukono General Hospital.
Contract Tenure: 6 months with a possibility of extension subject to availability of funding.

Position summary:

The Records Maintenance Officer is the primary custodian of all research related charts at the Makerere University Walter Reed and works closely with Clinic Administrator, the research team, and QA/QC personnel.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:
1.    Responsible for establishing and maintaining systems and strategies for chart storage and, movement and archiving of research related documents
2.    Prepare new charts and have them handy for use as new participants are screened or enrolled.
3.    Initiates the research/CRF charts, and routes the chart to the appropriate personnel.
4.    Check for participant’s identifying information on all documents
5.    Pull charts daily for participants who are scheduled and make sure that the study visits and visit dates are well documented on the progress note.
6.    Inserts any lab results or other results needed for review by the study Medical Officer as per procedures established by MUWRP and in accordance with the approved protocol and regulatory requirements or as instructed by the research staff.
7.    In coordination with the head of Senior research Nurse prepare charts for participants scheduled for the following day and makes sure that participant information has been verified for each scheduled.
8.    Responsible for maintaining chart movement logs and for accounting for all charts in his custody at any one time.
9.    Pull charts as needed for special audits, monitoring, Quality control checks, and as requested by the research team
10.    Perform other duties as required, and perform related duties such as:
a.    Transfer old and inactive charts to the archive.
b.    Place out guide when charts are pulled out.
c.    Make copies of various forms when required.
d.    In coordination with the Research administrator order forms and other necessary supplies when needed.

Required Education and Knowledge and experience:
1.    Bachelor of Library and Information Science, Achieving or related field
2.    At least two years of experience in keeping medical/research records
3.    Familiar with Medical and or Research setting and committed to serve in such activities.
4.    Ability to work with people from various backgrounds and work under pressure.
5.    Ability to speak, read and write well in English
6.    Familiarity with medical/research terminology, and able to or willing to learn.
7.    Possess excellent customer service skills.
8.    Must be well organized and a self-starter.
9.    Must be willing to work beyond the official work hours whenever so needed

Supervisory Controls: The individual will serve under the immediate supervision of the Research Manager/Designee.

Physical ability: The ability to travel within the work site and field stations.

How to Apply:

  • Apply directly to job openings in MUWRP’s career portal below.  Open Job Description and ClickApply Now.
  • Please note that only applications received through the MUWRP career portal will be considered.
  • Incomplete applications  will not be considered.
  • Applications are job-specific. Updating your application  for one job  does not change the version you submitted for other jobs.