Life course Immunization Coordinator at African Field Epidemiology Network (AFENET)

Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Position: Life course Immunization Coordinator
Programme: Support vaccination across the life course in Uganda
Number of vacancies: (01)
Duty Stations: AFENET Secretariat-Kampala Uganda
Application Deadline: Friday June 24, 2022

Back ground:
The African Field Epidemiology Network (AFENET) is a non-profit organization established in 2005 with
a mission to improve human health through the strengthening and expansion of applied epidemiology and
laboratory capacity in partnership with Ministries of Health, Non-Governmental Organizations,
international agencies, private sector and other public health agencies. AFENET has its headquarters in
Kampala, Uganda with operations in more than 30 African Countries.

Uganda is preparing to introduce a routine second dose of measles-containing vaccine (MCV) to be given
in the second year of life (2YL). This will be the first vaccine in Uganda’s National Immunization Schedule
to routinely target this age group, and one of few vaccines targeting age groups beyond the first year of life.
Experience from many countries, including those in the East African region have shown that establishing
and maintaining a routine vaccination contact in 2YL can be challenging, particularly in areas with low
coverage or high drop out for infant vaccines.

Uganda has a strong national routine immunization platform, though as with many health systems has gaps,
and challenges, including those resulting from COVID-19-related disruptions. The CDC’s Global
Immunization Division and the CDC-Uganda country office, in partnership with AFENET and Uganda’s
Infection Disease Institute (IDI), is supporting the Uganda National Expanded Program on Immunization
(UNEPI) to introduce vaccines to new target age groups (i.e. 2YL) and identify, implement and monitor
strategies to strengthen the delivery of and demand for routine immunization services in Uganda, with a
focus on those in the second year of life and beyond.

AFENET seeks a candidate for a full-time position to support the UNEPI team and partners to establish
routine vaccination in the second year of life in Uganda and strengthen routine immunization systems in
the country.

Major responsibilities:
1. Support the UNEPI team, including the service delivery pillar, to establish vaccination in the
second year of life and introduce the second dose of measles-rubella (MR2) vaccine. Specifically,
support UNEPI with the following
a. Develop/update field guidance, routine data collection tools and training materials to incorporate information about vaccination in the second year of life and catch-up of routine vaccines
b. Train healthcare workers to appropriately identify and reach children due for MR2 in the
second year of life, and those who have missed doses of routine vaccines in the first year of life
c. Raise awareness among communities of the need for MR2 particularly targeting communities with poor access to vaccines (e.g. pastoralists, internally displaced persons, urban poor, priority zones, etc.) and low demand for vaccination
d. Enhancing the quality of routinely collected data about vaccines doses delivered in the
second year of life and catch-up doses, and enhance the use of these data at every level of
the health system
e. Conducting supportive supervision and monitoring visits to districts and health facilities in
support of UNEPI and partner activities to introduce MR2 and implement catch-up vaccination
f. Contribute to the identification, implementation and monitoring/evaluation of immunization strategies to efficiently identify and reach children who are missing routine vaccines and to integrate immunization services with other health initiatives, such as nutrition, antenatal care, HIV clinic visits etc.

2. Support the planning, generation, implementation and dissemination of results from operations
research, including the following activities:
a. Assist with protocol and data collection tool development and facilitation of appropriate Scientific and Ethical Review clearance processes
b. Ensure project personnel are equipped with the knowledge, skills, capacity, and support
required to operationalize the study protocols
c. Participate in the field testing of data collection tools (questionnaires, data extraction forms, focus group discussion guides, etc.)
d. Participate in trainings of project personnel
e. Participate in data collection activities and ensure quality of data collection and entry through supervision and cleaning of data
f. Identification and mitigation of barriers to uptake of MR2, and catch-up of MR1
g. Activities to identify missed opportunities for vaccination including due to healthcare worker reluctance to open multi-dose measles vials, and other potential reasons for missed opportunities.
h. Supervise quantitative (questionnaires) and qualitative (focus group discussions, and indepth interviews, etc.) data collection and data entry and ensure data collectors follow approved research protocol procedures

3. Coordination and collaboration:
a. Participate in meetings and workshops in Uganda relevant to implementing routine vaccination in the second year of life and beyond, introduction of MR2 and strengthening vaccination across the lifecourse

b. Prepare workplans and budgets for CDC/AFENET-supported activities related to lifecourse vaccination and share with key stakeholders for feedback
c. Organize and help to facilitate meetings and workshops and routinely communicate with UNEPI officials, immunization partners in Uganda, regions and districts as relevant to progress activities
d. Organize and regularly attend meetings with the CDC-Uganda immunization officer, CDC/GID staff and other collaborating partners
e. Develop and submit written and/or verbal progress reports to AFENET and CDC-Uganda at the required frequencies
4. Perform other duties as assigned that are directly related to this position

Required Qualifications and experience:
 The applicant should hold an MD, MBChB, Nursing, or primary Public Health degree along
with a Masters of Public Health or higher post-graduate degree
 A least five years of experience in planning, implementation and/or monitoring and evaluation
of routine immunization services and systems in Uganda
 A track record in project management including coordinating teams, and delivering as required
on tasks and projects
 Ability to develop written reports, draft manuscripts, prepare and deliver presentations in English
 Excellent leadership, interpersonal and communication skills and ability to collaborate with
others as part of a multi-disciplinary team
 Flexibility to work on a varied and dynamic portfolio of activities
 Ability to think critically and analyze findings, as well as recognize emergent situations as they arise
 Ability to handle confidential information in a discreet and professional manner
 Ability to manage resources effectively to achieve objectives
 Competent in the use of Microsoft Office suite of programs including Word (word processing)
and Excel (spreadsheets), as well as data analysis software (such as R, STATA or SPSS).
 Fluency in spoken and written English, and one or more languages spoken in Uganda.

Desired qualifications and experience:
 Previous experience working with international partners and donors
 Post-graduate training or work experience

Competitive based on qualification and experience.

How to apply: Submit your resume, application letter, and relevant documentation to:

All interested candidates are encouraged to send their Application Letters detailing their experiences and
skills, Curriculum Vitae, copies of relevant academic documents plus Certificates together with complete
contact details of three professional references to:

 The Administration & Human Resource Office
 African Field Epidemiology Network (AFENET)
 and a copy on Email:

*ONLY successful candidates shall be contacted for an interview.

Please note that all applications should be sent online by close of business 5:30 pm (EAT) Friday
June 24, 2022.