Hospital Finance Manager at Fondazione Ambrosoli

Application ends: April 15, 2023

Job Description

Position: Hospital Finance Manager.
Fondazione Ambrosoli is recruiting a Hospital Finance Manager for Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital,
Contract Duration: 3 years.
Salary Grade: Commensurate with experience and qualifications.
Application deadline: April 15th 2023.

The mission of Fondazione Ambrosoli is to guarantee access to qualified health services and professional training through the support of Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital and the St. Mary’s Midwifery school located in Kalongo, Northern Uganda.
Dr Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital (DAMK) is a private not for profit rural hospital belonging to the local
Archdiocese of Gulu. The hospital has been founded in 1957 by the missionary surgeon father Giuseppe
Ambrosoli who has been beatified in Uganda in 2022.
DAMHK is a district reference hospital with a capacity of 286 beds divided into 5 departments (Surgery,
Gynecology and Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Tuberculosis), prenatal and postnatal clinic,
outpatient ambulatory, clinics for the treatment of HIV, Hepatitis B and other diseases. It is equipped with a
radiological unit and an analysis laboratory, which is the reference HUB for the district. The hospital also
has the responsibility for supervision and guidance on the activities carried out by 44 Health Sub Districts
(articulation of the national health network) in the district.
The finance manager reports to the Hospital CEO, has the responsibility of the Accounting & Finance
Department and is expected to fully understand and commit to the hospital’s approach andfull acceptance
of the hospital values while guaranteeing an efficient use of resources.

Key Responsibilities:
– Maintaining through the Accounts Section the general ledger, the chart of accounts and other
financial records, ensuring that they comply with Accepted Accounting Practices.
– Monitoring cash flows and cash needs of the hospital to avoid cash crisis.
– Ensuring compliance with all operational, financial, registration and auditing protocols within
Uganda and/or other donor’s requirements.
– Working directly with external and internal auditors to ensure appropriate and timely
completion of audits and the strengthening of accounting and control systems.
– Ensuring proper accountability to Government, District and other financial bodies.
– Ensuring that budgets, financial statements and reports are made available completely and timely.
– Controlling and managing, through the IT personnel, the financial modules of the IT system.
– Ensuring that the procurement procedures for duly approved purchases are enforced, in coordination with the Procurement Office and in compliance with the established procurement rules.
– Supervising and guiding finance staff in normal financial duties. Reviewing and ensuring accuracy in monthly/annual/grant-driven reports generated by finance staff, providing regular updates to CEO.

Technical requirements
– Bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance or similar.
– At least 5 years’ experience in financial/accounting management for large and complex projects/medium and large institutions.
– Work experience in low resource contexts, preferably in the health sector in African rural context.
– Ability and flexibility to handle high levels of pressure to meet very strict deadlines and critical
decision making.
– Proficient with Microsoft Office applications, conversant with computer-based finance management software skills.
– Proven history of long-term engagement and stability.
– Has intimate knowledge of business models, financial systems, cost center analysis according to
the international accounting standards hospital’s policies and procedures.

General requirements
– Highly committed to work in a low resource setting and willing to reside in a rural area of
Northern Uganda.
– Service minded, keeping a professional and friendly attitude while dealing with colleagues and
business partners.
– High integrity and commitment coupled with good leadership skills.
– Team working skills and team management experience.
– Fluent English, both written and spoken.
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