Customer Service Resume Objective

What’s a resume objective for customer service?

A resume objective for customer service is a three-sentence opening statement that sums up why you’re perfect for a specific customer service job.

Use a customer service resume objective if you’re:

  1. writing a high school student resume or recent college graduate resume
  2. a job seeker with no experience on your resume
  3. an experienced professional targeting a specific company

If you’re not in one of those situations, start your resume with a summary of qualifications, resume summary, or resume profile.

11 good customer service resume objective examples

The following objective samples for various customer service positions can help you write your resume introduction.

1. Call center rep

Customer service professional with 4+ years’ experience in hospitality and call-center settings. Skilled at dealing with multiple calls daily while solving client issues promptly. Bilingual in English (native) and Spanish (conversational), and able to provide effective customer service in both languages.

2. Entry-level customer service

Customer service representative with 3 years’ experience in call-center roles, including tech support, sales, and client care. Expertise in several pieces of client-care software and resolving conflicts. Seek to use my proven skills and positive attitude to effectively fill the management position in your firm.

3. Experienced customer service representative

Over 7 years of experience in a customer-service setting. Proven ability to build and solidify customer relationships, develop client loyalty, and increase customer retention rate by 47%. Seeking to use these skills to serve as an effective call-center shift supervisor.

4. Customer service supervisor

Experienced and effective call center supervisor. Lead a team of 10 customer service reps to provide efficient and friendly support. Known for quickly resolving customer complaints, earning the top team customer satisfaction rate in the company in six quarters. Looking to use my proven skill set to benefit AT&T in a remote customer service supervisor role. 

5. IT help desk staff

Customer service representative with 5 years of experience in a busy IT help desk setting. Possess a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and CompTIA A+ certification. Seeking to leverage my troubleshooting and diagnostic skills to fill the vacancy in your company.

6. IT help desk manager

IT help desk manager with 6+ years of experience inspiring technical support teams to assist users with a variety of technical issues. Led a staff of 25 and efficiently managed a $100,000 budget. Interested in applying my technical management expertise at Vivanto.

7. Bank customer service staff

Five years of experience in a major bank’s customer service department. Opened credit card accounts worth $47m through excellent client service. Aiming to apply my expertise in opening and retaining credit card accounts at your company.

8. Hotel front desk

Experienced hospitality worker (4+ years) with a BA in Hospitality Management. Proven ability to run a hotel front desk, keep customers satisfied, and resolve conflicts. Responsible, knowledgeable, technically savvy, and searching for a long-term hotel front desk manager job.

9. Retail sales associate

Sales Associate with 5 years of experience in retail environments. Recognized for ability to communicate with customers, providing exceptional service that ensures client retention and positive feedback. Ready to benefit your company with my proven ability to increase sales through upselling techniques as well as to implement processes that drive profitability.

10. Cashier

Head cashier with 7+ years of experience in providing excellent customer service, handling daily accounts and maintaining inventory. Aiming to use my knowledge and expertise to effectively fill the managerial role in your store.

11. Retail manager

Retail manager with 6 years of experience in the clothing and accessories industry. Led a team of 15 sales associates to drive sales and strengthen brand loyalty, exceeding annual sales forecast by $200,000 in first year as store manager. Excited to continue that success as a member of your company’s management team.

How to write a resume objective for a customer service job

As an aspiring customer service representative, your resume objective should prove you’d be an effective customer service employee.

The most important points you must hit in your objective are your,

  1. experience
  2. qualifications
  3. expertise

List these details first (in no particular order). If you have any additional important resume skills relevant to the role, include them too.

At some point in your objective (if possible), include quantifiable data tied to your resume’s work experience — like numbers, percentages, or dollar amounts. Such data proves your ability to handle the responsibilities that come with the position.

Your customer service representative data might include your customer retention rate, the number of new accounts you opened, and/or how much profit you drove to your company.

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