5 Top-Rated Creative Resume Writing Services This 2023

The creative sector is full of endless possibilities, which is why so many people are drawn to it. But beyond its endearing charm, there exists an unspoken truth: Forging a rewarding career in the industry is actually difficult. Breaking into this business area demands more than just extraordinary talent to stand out; you’ll also need a strong resume that illustrates your creative journey.

But what if you’re not really good at making a resume? Well, that’s when you might want to consider getting help from an expert. When you’re trying to apply for a creative job, hiring a creative resume writer with expertise in writing resumes can be a really smart way to save yourself time and energy.

Not sure who to choose? Then you can check out one of the best creative resume writing services from our list below. Read on.

Rundown of the 5 Best Creative Resume Writing Services

When aiming to make your resume shine and propel your creative career to new heights, collaborating with top-notch creative resume writers becomes absolutely crucial. And to help you decide which service to choose, we’ve undertaken thorough research and compiled a list of outstanding creative resume writing services capable of meeting the distinct requirements of creative professionals like you:

When Should You Use a Creative Resume Writing Service?

Your decision to work with a creative resume writing service is greatly influenced by a number of factors, and the following are some situations that can compel you to:

You’re applying for creative or design-related roles.

If you are searching for jobs in creative sectors such as graphic design, advertising, marketing, or other design fields, a creative resume writer may assist you in crafting a visually appealing resume that demonstrates your design sensitivities and creativity.

You’re having a hard-time passing the applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Many digital and creative organizations filter job applications using ATS software. In this instance, a creative resume writer can optimize your application tool with the correct keywords, formatting, and structure to guarantee it makes it past the initial automated screening.

You want to employ a non-traditional resume format.

Nowadays, many applicants prefer to employ unconventional resume formats such as infographics, two-column resumes, or interactive portfolios. And if you’re one of them, paying a creative resume writing service can greatly help you properly design and execute these formats.

How to Choose the Best Creative Resume Writing Services

Industries that thrive on creativity often require an innovative approach when it comes to crafting specialized resumes. Therefore, it is crucial to identify a service that comprehends these distinctive requirements. Listed below is an easy-to-follow guide to assist you in selecting the best creative resume writing service that suits your needs:

  • Check if the service has a strong understanding of the creative field and recognize the process and terminology of your industry.
  • Look for genuine testimonials and reviews from customers and creative professionals who have used the service, as they can offer insights into the effectiveness and reputation of the service.
  • Review their privacy policy to see if your personal and professional information will be handled with utmost confidentiality.
  • Inquire about any satisfaction guarantees or revision policies they offer, ensuring you’re satisfied with the final product.
  • Ensure that the service operates legally and ethically, respecting copyright laws and not making false claims.
  • Prioritize services that offer services that align with your budget and time.
  • If possible, ask for samples of completed resumes to assess their writing style and to see if the service can creatively present your skills and expertise, capture your uniqueness, and set you apart from other candidates.

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Considerations for Choosing the Right Resume Writing Service

The 5 Best Creative Resume Writing Services

1. Resume Professional Writers

Creative Resume Writing Service Resume Professional Writers Hero Section
5 Top-Rated Creative Resume Writing Services This 2023 7

With over two decades in the industry, Resume Professional Writers has established itself as a leader in providing resume writing services for creative professionals and other industries. We specialize in creating visually appealing and content-rich resumes that effectively showcase not only your artistic talents but also your strengths and achievements in the field.

Additionally, our team of experienced resume writers understands the unique demands of creative industries and other sectors, ensuring your resume portrays your distinct qualifications and skills.

What You’ll Get: You will be provided with a customized industry-specific resume that showcases your professional journey and skills in a creatively crafted format. Our services also include complimentary resume review, aimed at aiding you and other job seekers in refining their documents and enhancing their prospects of securing their dream creative roles.

What They Lack: We only work on weekdays so if you have urgent matters about your resume, it is best to speak with our team on a workday.

Turnaround Time: You can anticipate receiving the initial draft of your resume within the following timeframes: one (1) business day for the Ultimate package, two (2) business days for the Premium package, three (3) business days for the Deluxe package, and four (4) business days for the Basic package.

Cost: Prices starts at$125 to $485

Contact: 1 (800) 845-0586

Reviews: 4.3/5 on Facebook; 4.3/5 on Trustpilot; 4.13/5 on Sitejabber; 4.4 on Google Business Profile; 4.8/5 on Best 10 Resume Writers

2. Creative Resumes

Creative Resume Writing Service Creative Resumes Hero Section
5 Top-Rated Creative Resume Writing Services This 2023 8

Creative Resumes adopts a broader and holistic approach to crafting resumes, emphasizing not only your creative strengths but also aligning your resume with your career aspirations. Their team of Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and Certified Professional Career Counselor (CPCC) skillfully use standard resume techniques and strategically incorporate keywords to present your unique and creative journey.

Furthermore, this award-winning provider of creative resume writing services is also an active member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers (PARW); renowned for their ability to effectively convey your passion, skills, and achievements, ensuring they leave an indelible mark on potential employers.

What You’ll Get: Aside from working with receiving a keyword-optimized  and eye-catching resume that meets the ATS requirements. The firm also offers other job search resources such as: career coaching guidance, cover letter, linkedin profile writing, interview preparation, professional biography writing, and job placement resources and outsourcing services.

What They Lack: Their service package costs are based on different professional levels. They also offer limited revisions for only 30 days.

Turnaround Time: Their standard delivery time for all packages takes at least four to five (4-5) business days.

Cost: Price starts at $150 to $699

Contact: 1 (877) 259-8556

Reviews: 4.7/5 on Trustpilot; 4.7/5 on Yelp; 5/5 on TrustAnalytica; A+ Rating on BBB

3. Brooklyn Resume Studio

Creative Resume Writing Service Brooklyn Resume Studio Hero Section
5 Top-Rated Creative Resume Writing Services This 2023 9

Brooklyn Resume Studio stands as a premier resume writing firm specializing in crafting not just creative resumes, but also tailored and uniquely branded marketing materials. With a profound focus on excellence, the company excels in delivering high-tier executive resumes and facilitating seamless career transitions. Their commitment to quality has forged partnerships with diverse clients spanning across numerous industries.

What You’ll Get: The firm provides 50-70 minutes of initial intake interviews through phone in which you can discuss your current situation, target opportunities, and background in depth. The also promises to create a professional portfolio and resume that would market your attributes to hiring managers.

What They Lack: Regrettably, the prices of their service along with the phone number for direct communication is not indicated on their website. Instead, they offer a client intake form and an email address where you can submit information and inquiries which you can anticipate a response within 24 hours. Moreover, they also require you to pay a consulting fee of $200 per hour for additional phone calls for updates or revisions.

Turnaround Time: Turnaround time for the initial documents is typically 5-7 business days following the initial intake discussion.

Cost: Not indicated on the website.

Contact: Not available.

Reviews: 4.3/5 on Yelp

4. Kulturspace

Creative Resume Writing Service Kulturspace Hero Section
5 Top-Rated Creative Resume Writing Services This 2023 10

Kulturspace stands as a globally recognized non-profit collective, composed of skilled creative professionals who excel in crafting unparalleled design materials and delivering creative resume writing services for individuals spanning diverse industries. Renowned for their distinctive perspectives and minimalist approach, they specialize in artfully showcasing clients’ expertise and experiences through crafted documents that seamlessly blend creativity with clarity.

What You’ll Get: You can anticipate to receive a meticulously crafted, two-page resume coupled with a strategic professional branding portfolio as requested.

What They Lack: The firm falls short in terms of specifying turnaround times and readily available phone numbers for direct communication. Instead, they offer a client form as the primary means of contact. Moreover, the lack of customer reviews from well-established platforms raises concerns about the firm’s track record and reputation.

Turnaround Time: Not indicated on the website.

Cost: Price starts at $350 to $490

Contact: Not indicated website.

Reviews: Not available.

5. StandOut Resumes

Creative Resume Writing Service Stand Out Resumes Hero Section
5 Top-Rated Creative Resume Writing Services This 2023 11

Founded in 2014, StandOut Resumes lives up to its name for its unwavering commitment to creating remarkable resumes that not only unlock new opportunities but also propel careers to greater heights. With their impressive history of serving more than 1,000 contented clients, it comes as no surprise that this firm has cemented its reputation as a top-rated provider of creative resume writing services.

What You’ll Get: You’ll be working with a dedicated creative resume writer that will manage your project from start to finish, resulting in a deeply personalized approach and a finely-tailored resume that sets you apart from the competition. Plus, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied by the result.

What They Lack: The firm outsources their project with creative resume writers across the US which may hinder the security and privacy of your information. Aside from that, their unlimited edits are only available for two weeks.

Turnaround Time: Their standard turnaround time is 5-7 days; but if you’re in a hurry, they also offer quicker resume service that requires a $59 rush fee.

Cost: Price starts at $249 to $399

Contact: 1 (877) 660-1008

Reviews: 4.8/5 on Yelp

RPW Creative Resume Example

Looking for inspiration to craft a unique and creative resume? Check out this impressive resume example crafted by our expert writer to give you creative ideas for your own resume:

Rpw Creative Resume Example
5 Top-Rated Creative Resume Writing Services This 2023 12

Craft an Impressive Career Portfolio with the Best Creative Resume Writing Service

In a world where creativity is the driving force behind the success in the industry, your resume deserves to be a masterpiece that showcases your unique talents. And by entrusting your job tools to the best resume writing services tailored for the creative field, you’re not just investing in a document – you’re also investing in your future. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste any more time; seize the opportunity to excel in your creative career. Contact us now and let us help you make a resume that reflects your innovation, passion, and expertise in the creative field!

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