5 Best Cyber Security Resume Writing Services in 2024 That Can Help Boost Your Application

Are you looking to dive into the world of cybersecurity as an analytical and tech-savvy professional? If so, this blog is for you! Cyber security, or cybersecurity, isn’t just a part of IT — it’s one of the trickiest tech realms to crack. Why? Because it demands specific cybersecurity skills, and not just a technical know-how. This explains why many job seekers turn to expert cyber security resume writers to assist them translate their skills and spotlight their experiences in resumes that match this field’s unique requirements.

In this blog, we will provide you with the 5 best cyber security resume writing services that can enhance your job search and present a detailed breakdown of their pros, cons, turnaround times, costs, and customer reviews to aid you in deciding which service can help you further your cybersecurity career. Continue reading.

Rundown of the 5 Best Cyber Security Resume Writing Services

As part of our unwavering mission to advance your cyber career, our team of experts took the time to thoroughly investigate the best cyber security resume writing services. And below are the top 5 resume firms that made it into our list.

When Should You Use Cyber Security Resume Writing Service?

As already noted, breaking into this technology career requires a resume that can pass the keen eyes of recruiters. Therefore, it’s important that your job application materials are flawless, something that a top-notch cyber security resume writer may greatly assist you with.

However, if you’re still doubting whether investing in a resume writer is worth it or if it’s the best choice for you, consider the checklist below to help you decide.

You are planning for a career transition.

If you’re switching from a non-tech company to the cyber security sector, a company with a team of cyber security resume writers can assist you in matching your transferable talents to the particular requirements of this profession.

You’re having trouble highlighting your specialized skill.

It can be difficult to adequately showcase certain abilities in complicated areas like cyber security. But a skilled cyber security resume writer knowledgeable in all areas of this niche can do wonders.

You’re a cyber security professional eyeing a promotion.

If you want to advance your career, recruiting the skills of seasoned cyber security resume writers can showcase your relevant experience and achievements in a manner that aligns with industry expectations.

How to Choose the Best Cyber Security Resume Writing Services

With so many options available online, it can be difficult to choose the best cyber security resume writing services. To aid you with your selection process, here are some important factors to narrow down your options:

Consider the services they offer.

Go over the company’s website to evaluate their service offerings and make sure the writer is familiar with the current resume writing techniques and intricacies of the field.

Make sure that their service prices are aligned with your budget. 

Check to see if their service fees are within your price range. And while seeking competitive pricing, ensure that they can meet the needs of cyber security professionals.

Look for and examine customer reviews on a variety of reliable review sites.

Doing so will help you assess the credibility and expertise of the company. With this, you can make a more informed assessment of the company’s standing and competence in their field.

Carefully review their privacy policies, along with terms and conditions. 

Confidentiality is crucial in the field of cybersecurity, so make sure their processes meet industry requirements.

Ask for resume samples and relevant materials.

This will give you ideas about their writing style, their knowledge about the field, and guarantee that they can successfully present your skill set.

Following these recommendations will enable you to confidently sort through plenty of choices and select a cyber security resume service that fits both your industry-specific needs and your career goals.

The 5 Best Resume Writing Services for cyber security

Here are five reputable resume writing services that have been known for their expertise in crafting resumes tailored for the cyber security field:

1. Resume Professional Writers

Hero Section Of Rpw As One Of The Best Cyber Security Resume Writing Services
5 Best Cyber Security Resume Writing Services in 2024 That Can Help Boost Your Application 1

Resume Professional Writers stands out as a top-tier company renowned for its experience in providing exceptional resume writing services across diverse industries. With their team of tech-savvy specialists, they can easily craft tailored cyber security resumes that skillfully highlight your relevant expertise and accomplishments. 

Notably, they also excel in upholding strict confidentiality and delivering every project on time, while guaranteeing the fulfillment of each client’s needs and expectations.

What You’ll Get: Beyond offering best cyber security resume writing services, we also provide specialized add-on services such as cover letter writing, LinkedIn optimization, responsive resume website development, and annotated portfolio writing to kickstart your career in this cyber security field.

What We Lack: Our team can prioritize your cybersecurity needs and is available during business hours to address any projects or concerns you may have. While we don’t operate on weekends, we can ensure prompt attention and dedicated support to satisfy your requirements once the business days resume.

Turnaround Time: Our response window depends on your chosen package. You can receive your cyber security resume within four (4) business days for the basic package; three (3) business days for the Deluxe package; two (2) business days for Premium; and one (1) business day for the Ultimate package. In urgent situations, you can avail our 24-hour rush service for expedited delivery with additional charges.

Cost: $125 to $485

Contact: 1 (877) 285-5492

Reviews: 4.4/5 on Facebook; 4.6/5 on Trustpilot; 9 reviews on Sitejabber; 4.3 on Google Business Profile; 4.8/5 on Best 10 Resume Writers

2. iCareerSolutions

Hero Section Of Icareersolutions As One Of The Best Cyber Security Resume Writing Services
5 Best Cyber Security Resume Writing Services in 2024 That Can Help Boost Your Application 2

Founded by seasoned recruiter Arno Markus, this company stands out for its personalized approach to career advancement since 2011. Combining the founder’s vast industry knowledge with a hands-on approach to creating powerful resumes and handling job searches has led to their repeated recognition and awards in the resume writing category. These, in turn, make them a valuable resource for professionals aiming to take their careers to the next level.

What You’ll Get: You’ll receive free access to resources exclusive to iCareerSolutions clients, which can significantly shorten your job search time.

What They Lack: They only offer two rounds of revision sessions for each project to discuss feedback and tweak your job search documents. Plus, their services are the most expensive in this list.

Turnaround Time: Their standard turnaround time is 5 to 7 business days. But if you are in a hurry, they also offer a 2-business-day rush service for additional cost.

Cost: $595 to $2995

Contact: 1-914-297-8807

Reviews: 4.9/5 on Google Business Profile; 4.7/5 on Trustpilot. 

3. Resume Prime

Hero Section Of Resume Prime As One Of The Best Cyber Security Resume Writing Services
5 Best Cyber Security Resume Writing Services in 2024 That Can Help Boost Your Application 3

Resume Prime has been a seasoned player in the realm of resume writing for over a decade now. Since then, they have consistently excelled in crafting high-quality resumes in various fields including cyber security. Their expert resume writers are also adept at transforming skills and presenting expertise on paper. And just like cyber security professionals who value privacy and information security, this firm has been known for maintaining measures and non-disclosure agreements for safeguarding personal information and maintaining utmost privacy.

What You’ll Get: Apart from delivering the best cyber security resume writing services, they also provide customer guarantee for security and convenience with lifetime storage for resumes and cover letters.

What They Lack: While they offer expert resume guidance, individuals seeking extensive career counseling or coaching beyond resume writing might find their services slightly limited.

Turnaround Time: Their turnaround time takes up to 1-3 business days.

Cost: $190 to $330

Contact: 734 619 1258

Reviews: 4.6/5 on Best 10 Resume Writers; 3.6/5 on Trustpilot

4. Resume Valley

Hero Section Of Resume Valley As One Of The Best Cyber Security Resume Writing Services
5 Best Cyber Security Resume Writing Services in 2024 That Can Help Boost Your Application 4

Resume Valley stands as a reliable and cost-effective choice for individuals seeking the best resume writing services. Their combination of affordability, expertise, and tailored assistance makes them a recommended option for those aiming to strengthen their job applications in the cyber security industry.

What You’ll Get: The firm offers quality services at reasonable rates, making cyber security resume writing services more accessible for individuals who have limited budgets.

What They Lack: Although they offer excellent resumes and LinkedIn optimization, providing more service options for clients with unique requirements could further enhance their service offerings.

Turnaround Time: The initial draft of your resume will be delivered to you within five (5) business days.

Cost: $69 to $99

Contact: 1 (877) 780-7377

Reviews: 3.6/5 on Trustpilot

5. Professional Resume Writers (PRW)

Hero Section Of Professional Resume Writers As One Of The Best Cyber Security Resume Writing Services
5 Best Cyber Security Resume Writing Services in 2024 That Can Help Boost Your Application 5

PRW is an ideal choice for individuals looking for the best cyber security resume writing services that can help them advance their careers in this field. Additionally, their dedication to working with clients, creating resumes that are tailored to each individual, and offering a satisfaction guarantee are also remarkable. 

What You’ll Get: They promise to provide you with professionally crafted resumes designed and optimized to pass the applicant tracking system (ATS) which is used by many employers in the initial resume screenings. Plus, if their clients are not completely satisfied with their resume, the company will assign you with another writer to rewrite it based on your feedback.

What They Lack: They don’t offer specialized services like portfolio development, industry-specific skill assessments, or mentoring programs which might also assist clients seeking more comprehensive career development assistance. Moreover, they don’t have reviews on reputable review sites.

Turnaround Time: Typically, it will take at least a week to complete, but this duration can change depending on your availability and responsiveness.

Cost: $397 to $697

Contact: 1 (866) 452-0685

Reviews: Not available.

RPW Cyber Security Resume Example

Still curious how we will present your skills on paper? Check out this sample cyber security resume crafted by one of our top cyber security resume writers. It showcases the format, jargons, and sections that are typically used to highlight a candidate’s cyber security expertise. See below:

Cyber Security Resume Example
5 Best Cyber Security Resume Writing Services in 2024 That Can Help Boost Your Application 6

Join the Frontlines of Cybersecurity by Hiring the Best Cyber Security Resume Writing Services

Choosing the right resume writing service significantly impacts your career trajectory in the cyber security field. Take the time to assess your needs, review these top firms, and determine which company can address your needs to guide you toward your dream role. 

Still in doubt which firm to choose? If so, give Resume Professional Writers a chance and let us help you prepare a job search document that really reflects your skills and experience. We have professional cyber security resume writers who can help you increase your chances of getting the job. 
So don’t wait, contact us today and let our expert resume writers do the job for you!

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